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White Wine


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White wines are sometimes considered lighter than red wines, but varietals widely range in flavor profile, from bold and sweet to light and zesty. Whether creamy and oak-aged or crisp and fruity, white wines are known for pairing well with desserts like chocolate and foods like seafood and green-heavy salads. Discover the most popular varietals below and choose the right white wine for you.




The most prolific and popular wine varietal on Earth, Chardonnay is a great white wine for beginners. Chardonnay wine contains luscious, rich vanilla flavors if stored in oak wood, and crisp apple and lemon tones if stored in stainless steel. The Chardonnay grape is adaptable to many types of climates, so it is grown throughout the world. Pair one of these dry white wine varietals with many types of lighter foods, including chicken, spring vegetables, shellfish, seafood, risotto, and salads.


Sauvignon Blanc


Sauvignon Blanc is high in acidity, so its flavors and aromas are unmistakable. Depending on the region where the grape is grown these white wine varietals may display mineral, vegetal aromas or give off pungent hints of ripe melon or passion fruit. While Sauvignon Blanc originated in France it really blossomed when transplanted to New Zealand. Drink a glass with fish, oysters, cheeses, or green veggies like zucchini or asparagus.




Riesling wine, a noble varietal with its roots in Germany, is easy to identify by its refreshing, light-bodied taste and medium-low levels of alcohol. While many buyers equate Riesling white wine with sweetness, there are several extra dry options at BevMo! - just look for Riesling varietals from Austria. If the label is German look for the word “Trocken” for a dry glass of wine. Pair a Riesling with foods that have a “green” lime or jalapeño taste.


Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio


Let’s start with semantics. Pinot Gris is simply a grey Pinot, but this varietal is called Pinot Grigio in Italian. Certain regions create Pinot Gris wines that are deeper in color than other white wines, but the Pinot Grigio wines of Italy are typically pale in hue. Expect low acidity, neutral aromas, and a faint hint of orange rind or peach skin. Pinot Gris is relatively inexpensive, making it increasingly popular in the United States. Salads, seafood, and other lighter dishes pair beautifully with a glass of Pinot Grigio.


Wine Accessories


After you’ve chosen a bottle of white wine remember that the drink selection is only one element of an unforgettable evening. Outfit your home bar with contemporary and useful wine accessories so you are fully prepared to host the family for dinner or have your friends over for a movie night. Serve your favorite white wine with an appetizing cheese platter to delight your guests. Stock up on important party supplies so you’re ready to transform into a confident host.


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