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Rose & Blush Wine


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Wines that fall upon the pink spectrum have confused and enamored wine consumers for decades. When you venture out of the standard red wine (made from red grapes) and white wine (made from the juice of green and yellow grapes) you enter blush wine territory, identified by a vibrant pink or grey hue that immediately stands out from the competition. Learn everything about blush wines below before ordering the perfect bottle for your next get-together.




Rosé isn’t just having a moment - it’s taking over the wine industry. Rosé is purportedly a wine suited for summertime, but you can enjoy the refreshing, lingering flavors of this popular blush wine throughout the year. While the term “blush wine” was more common well into the 21st century, once the French wave of rosé stormed stateside many pink wines are now known as or marketed as rosé.

How are blush wines made? During the winemaking process the juices are pressed from plump red grapes and the dark-toned skins are separated after only a few minutes to give rosé that signature rich-pink hue. Rosé is actually believed by wine historians to be the first type of wine ever created. Only once the equipment and pressing techniques were honed over the centuries did winemakers allow the juices to ferment alongside the skins longer to produce darker wines.

Many a bottle of rosé are dry and daring, in contrast with the perceived image of all pink wines as overly-sweet. Pair rosé with light pastas, rice dishes, salads, and goats’ cheeses. Available in sparkling or still, we have selected our 10 favorite rosés if you can’t settle on a particular bottle.


White Zinfandel


White Zinfandel skyrocketed in popularity during the ‘80s and ‘90s and is still a blush wine favorite among casual drinkers and wine aficionados alike. Its iconic sweetness and affordability make this varietal an easy choice for an afternoon aperitif or a late night treat. White Zinfandel can serve as a dessert of sorts on its own, but you can pair a glass with pasta dishes, Indian cuisine, egg dishes, and any platter with strong spices.


Wine Accessories


Don’t rush to check out once you have settled on the perfect bottle of blush wine for your next party. Complete your home bar with essential snacks so you always have a platter to pair with your irresistible bottle of rosé. If you decide to serve any hard liquor buy dependable mixers and garnishes that will elevate any drink.


Order Blush Wines Online


Rosé is blush wine, but not all blush wines are rosés, and White Zinfandel is sometimes marketed as a rosé while the process to make it is essentially the same. Confused? Luckily, when you sign up for an account you can access a personalized shopping experience that that takes the hassle and headache out of online wine shopping. Shipping is free on all orders over $75, and when you sign up for ClubBev! you’ll have access to the lowest available prices such as 5¢ wines for CA and AZ and 2-for-1 wines in WA for your go-to brand of pink wine.

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