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Vodka begins its journey almost identically to gin, but vodka is column distilled to create that signature heaty, almost flavorless taste that makes it the most popular spirit in America. Ideal for infusions and cocktails, vodka is traditionally distilled from grains or potatoes but can also be manufactured from sugar, vegetables, or fruits. Discover the subtle flavor notes and fragrances within our wide selection of premium vodkas from around the globe.


Where Is Vodka From?


Vodka is synonymous with Russia, but its country of origin can be disputed. It is certainly one of the oldest spirits: historians believe that a crude version of vodka was produced in Poland in the 8th century and in Russia shortly after. The first written record of vodka appears in court documents from Poland in 1405, while the first verified record of vodka is more recent, from 1751. Still, vodka is a celebrated cultural staple of Russia and many of the most enduring brands hail from the country.


How to Drink Vodka


In Eastern Europe vodka is primarily served freezer chilled. This is not just a storage practicality - with a rough average of 40% ABV vodka carries a significant heat, but the freezing process tames the bite and brings out the richness of the spirit. While vodka is often served neat or as a shot it can serve as the base for many classic cocktails, including a Cosmopolitan, Moscow Mule, White Russian, Screwdriver, or a simple vodka martini.

In Russia vodka is traditionally consumed alongside food, whereas stateside it is often sipped solo. Russians protect the stomach against the fiery spirit by eating a variety of zakuski, a rough equivalent to Mexican tapas plates. Like whiskey in Japan, this spirit is not separated from the instrumental mealtime ritual.


Craft Vodka


Smaller craft vodka distilleries have exploded in popularity over the last decade to bring exciting new spins on the revered spirit. Seeking out the finest ingredients, these vodka distilleries pair a trailblazing artistry with a dedication to quality. When you shop online for vodka you’ll find the dependable brands alongside premium craft vodkas.


Vodka Accessories


Prepare a stunning vodka martini with modern, high-quality barware that can transform any home bar into a master’s workshop. Pick up essential accessories like glassware and ice trays to serve your spirits like a pro. As we mentioned, vodka is enjoyed best with platters of finger food - order crowd pleasing snacks like cheese trays to delight guests at your next party.


Buy Vodka Online


Choosing the right spirit can prove an impossible task - with hundreds of vodkas and thousands of spirits to choose from we carry one of the widest selections online. Make the process easier and sign up today for ClubBev! at no cost. Unlock steeper discounts on premium vodkas and a customizable, user-friendly online shopping experience. Whether you prefer it nearly frozen or coupled with a hearty meal, buy vodka online at an affordable price at BevMo!

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