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The signature spirit of Mexico, tequila is distilled from the blue agave plant after an impressive eight-year life cycle. This desert succulent delivers the popular spirit that, perhaps unfortunately, is equated with salt, lime, and a quick gulp as a shot. Quality tequila is rich, complex, and bursting with unique flavor profiles, so why not take your time? Read on and browse our exhaustive tequila selection to find the perfect tequila for your glass.


Where Is Tequila From?


Mexico, of course! Much like Champagne in France, true tequila must be distilled from the blue agave plant within a particular region in Mexico. While there are other distilleries around the world that craft fine agave spirits, deeming them “tequila” would be incorrect. Tequila is also relatively strong when compared to other spirits - tequila must be 80 proof or greater to be sold in the United States. What about mezcal, you ask? This predecessor to tequila actually is a different category of spirit, as a variety of agaves are used in the production process.




Blanco tequilas are only aged for about 60 days, and in steel tanks. Primarily used for mixing, blanco tequilas are bolder as the alcohol has not had time to subdue into more complex tastes. Known for a vegetal sweetness and increased heat compared to aged tequilas, blanco tequilas are essential if you plan on serving a margarita or paloma at any point. Serious hosts should stock at least one bottle of Blanco tequila.




Rested tequilas, or reposado tequilas, are aged in wood casks for up to nine months in order to mellow the overall taste and introduce complexity through aging and oxidation. Reposados are highly versatile: sip a glass of reposado tequila clean, or use it to make a sweet or spicy cocktail. Honey-hued reposados fill the nose and mouth with brown sugar and butterscotch.




Añejo tequilas are matured in oak or bourbon barrels for one to three years in order to unlock a robust flavor profile that is typically smooth and well-balanced. You will not want to mix an añejo, as these are perfect for sipping straight (and certainly not all at once). Choose one of our best-selling añejos for an exceptionally smooth shimmering gold-brown elixir.


Barware for Tequila Lovers


Choosing a sumptuous bottle of tequila is just the beginning. To improve your technique and add to your roster of cocktails and margaritas order high-quality barware to properly mix your next creation. Be ready to entertain at a moment’s notice with affordable party supplies that take the hassle and headache out of creating memorable tequila cocktails in the comfort of your home.


Buy Liquor Online


We regularly stock over 2,000 different spirits, and depending on your location you may have to decide between nearly 300 indelible tequilas. That’s a difficult decision, but you can make the process easier: simply sign up for an account today. Joining the ClubBev costs absolutely nothing, and grants you access to further discounted prices and a personalized, user-friendly online shopping experience. Enjoy a Tequila Sunrise and stretch your money further by ordering your next bottle at BevMo!

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