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The flavorful alternative to vodka packs a considerable punch, but gin advocates hail the juniper-drenched spirit as the end-all be-all drink of choice. Browse a variety of signature gins that have been perfected over centuries to deliver a unique and smooth taste. Originating from the Dutch drink Jenever, which was believed to have medicinal properties, gin is a classic white spirit that can be consumed on its own or within a fiery cocktail.


Where Is Gin From?


Gin is considered by many to be the national spirit of England, and gin’s lasting adoration across the nation would lead you to assume that gin is a singular British creation. However, the first exposure to gin the British experienced was during the Thirty Years’ War in Holland. After learning of this idiosyncratic spirit it would take the U.K. 150 years to invent their own spin.


Dry Gin


While dry gins are synonymous with “London” gins, the moniker refers to the production and method and not where the bottle originated (though some dry gins are produced in, you guessed it, London). With a dry gin botanicals are steeped in the spirit before the distillation and dilution processes. While dry gins do hail from England, you can enjoy dry gins from all over the world at BevMo!


Wet Gin


If you don’t see the words “dry” or “London dry” on a gin label it is a non-dry gin, also called a wet gin. During production tinctures and botanical distillates are mixed together with the spirit, rather than steeped in it. The handmade flavoring can elevate the taste profile of the gin when handled by an expert mixer. For an aggressive and pungent wet gin first timers can try any bottles at BevMo! without the designation “dry gin.”


Gin and Tonic


The seminal gin cocktail was first formulated for British soldiers in India in order to combat malaria. Since then the art of combining tonics, gins, and garnishes has created a constant demand in specialty bars around the globe. While gin and tonic is a reliable and simple cocktail to whip up, keep in mind that gin serves as the base for more cocktails than perhaps any other spirit. With a bottle of gin you can serve the perfect Tom Collins, Red Snapper, White Lady, Negroni, and more.


Barware for Gin Lovers


Depending on the strength of flavors in your preferred gin a large glass may give you fuller access to the aromas when compared to a highball glass. Find affordable accessories and barware to outfit your home bar with contemporary, high-quality shakers, glassware, and more. Ready to show off your new gin martini. Order the necessary party supplies so you can host your extended family or your closest friends for a raucous evening.


Buy Liquor Online


We stock more than 2,000 individual spirits online. While our inventory will fluctuate based on your location, you will always have enough gin options that choosing just one may prove impossible. Take advantage of discounted prices and a personalized customer service experience by signing up today. By joining the ClubBev for free you can save more on every bottle of gin. Simply click away, sit back, and look up a zesty recipe for a French 75 while you wait for your gin.

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