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Varying from a light amber to a rich ruby-brown, brandy is a spirit that has made an indelible comeback in recent years. Sales of brandy across the United States have soared in recent years as a new generation of liquor connoisseurs have embraced the fine versatility of this potent elixir. Buying your first snifter? Learn more about brandy below and browse our online selection for affordable, high-quality spirits.


What Is Brandy?


Brandy is made by distilling wine or the pulp and skin of grapes. Brandy can also be made from distilling other fruits, including apples. Calvados is a brandy distilled from apple wine, and Schnaps is distilled from a variety of seasonal fruits. By blending multiple eaux de vies from the premiere growing regions of the world the finest brandys deliver powerful flavors evoking citrus, almonds, vanilla, or apple. Fall in love with one of the most popular spirits by shopping liquor online at BevMo!




Cognac brandy originated in the Cognac region of France, but this typically fruity or floral brandy can be made anywhere in the world. Cognac is barrel-aged and made from doubly-distilled white wine. At BevMo! we stock the best-selling and most-adored cognac in the world.

You’ll notice several abbreviations on snifters of your favorite cognac or brandy - have you ever wondered what these letters represent? The various labels simply indicate the amount of time the cognac has been aging. A cognac labeled VS, or Very-Special, has been aging for at least 2 years. If you spot the VSOP label, meaning Very-Special-Old-Pale, that cognac has been aging for a minimum of 4 years.

The XO label gets more complicated - until recently XO, or Extra-Old, indicated that the brandy has aged at least 6 years, but the minimum to earn this label has changed to at least 10 years. With a cognac this old you can expect hints of “rancio,” or the effects of oxidation. You may taste extra nuttiness and increased flavor complexity due to the age of the cognac.


Best Cognac Cocktails


Fine cognac is enjoyed neat often, but it also has a foundational presence in mixology. If you do decide to craft a signature cognac cocktail order a younger and more affordable cognac, preferably a VS or VSOP. Serving as the base for many juleps, punches, and sours, cognac will delight family and friends. Read our favorite cognac cocktail recipes and become a seasoned professional in time for the holidays.

Purchasing that large snifter of brandy is just the first step to a successful event. Pick up essential party supplies to put on a showstopper your guests will never forget. To create a memorable cocktail stock your home bar with modern barware including a shaker, double jigger, and whisky rocks.


Buy Liquor Online


You can shop over 2,000 spirits on our site alone, and making a final decision can prove difficult. Sign up today for discounted prices on our best-selling brandy and a customized shopping experience that adapts to your needs the more you shop. Buy a few bottles and save even more - shipping is completely free on orders over $75. You are only a few clicks away from the best Old Fashioned of your life.

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