The Little Potato Company Potatoes, Yellow Creamer, Little Charmers

Discover the delicious character of our little charmers - the best tasting vegetable on your plate. They're amazingly rich and satisfying, with a silky taste. The smooth yellow skin is thin and delicate, complementing these little charmers' buttery texture. 4% DV of iron (per 110 g serving). 70 calories (per 110 g serving). 15% DV of vitamin B6 (per 110 g serving). Gluten free (like all potatoes). Naturally fat-free. Good source of potassium. No peeling required. Pre-washed. Creamer potatoes, coveted by leading chefs and foodies, are a premium little potato varietal that is typically thin-skinned, rich in flavor, and highly nutritious. In 1996, when my father and I introduced these flavorful little potatoes, we grew a one-acre plot that we harvested, washed and bagged by hand. Since then, we focus solely on selecting creamer potatoes that are outstanding in taste, nutrition and texture. It's all we do. Our proprietary varietals are harvested when they are mature and at their best. My family and I still enjoy the original, diverse taste of these exceptional potatoes, and I am excited to share them with you. Angela, co-founder and chief potato champion. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. YouTube. Product of USA.