Tassimo Coffee, Dark Roast, King of Joe, Single Cup

16 x servings. For the Tassimo single cup home brewing system. Bold. 1 King of Joe T Disc makes approximately 8 fl oz serving. Discover the Tassimo Single Cup Home Brewing System: Tassimo give everyone the beverage they want from the brands they love - all at the touch of a button. Each perfectly measured T Disc is sealed to reserve freshness and flavor. And our smart brewing machine ensures that every beverage is made the way it was meant to be - perfect every time! See full range of T Disc selection, find recipes, and join the conversation at www.tassimo.com. Dynamic. Dashing. Daring. Our dark roast will add some mystery to your day and keep you coming back for more. Listen: coffee is simple. It's hot, it taste great, and it gives you energy. You don't need a degree in grindology to understand that. King of Joe coffee serves it straight, without the fuss. The coffee you love to drink, no matter how you drink it. Step right up - we'll make you master of your mug and king of your cup. Authentic Variety: With Tassimo, each cup is freshly brewed to celebrate its true character, down to our real milk-based latte and cappuccino, to give you the taste you love. Choose from a variety of familiar and international brands for your perfect cup of - coffee, cappuccino, latte, espresso crema, tea, hot chocolate, mocha. See what's new from Tassimo! Use your smartphone to scan this code. Download a free scanner at http://TDisc.Mobi. Call toll free 1-877-TDisc1 (1-877-834-7241). www.tassimo.com.