Swisspers Cotton Rounds, Premium

Cruelty free and vegan. 100% cotton. Hypoallergenic. Low carbon manufacturing (Premium rounds made with a lower carbon footprint manufacturing process than other spunlace rounds). Premium products. Swisspers hypoallergenic cotton rounds are made with 100% cotton and are gentle enough for all skin types. The dual sided, multi-layer design creates a soft, strong and lint-free cotton round perfect for kicking off your nightly skin care routine by removing eye shadow, liner and mascara. The stitched edge ensures a durable, plush pad that won't leave pieces behind. Soft embossed cotton surfaces reduced linting and is perfect for gentle cleansing and removal of eye makeup and other cosmetics. Our patented stitched edge design binds all layers together to ensure a durable pad that will not separate during use. Plush 100% cotton core provides the ideal softness, absorbency and thickness for our premium cotton rounds. Lint-free smooth surface delivers added strength making it perfect for removal of cosmetics and nail polish. Visit us at Reclosable: Press to seal. What goes on - must come off! Made in USA.