Sun Tropics Rice Bites 3.5 oz

Crunchy. Our family believes the best snack start with super simple, natural ingredients. That's why we're sharing our family-favorite recipe for Mochi Rice Bites. We think crunchy munchies shouldn't just taste amazing - they should make you feel awesome, too! What is Mochi? Mochi is a traditional Japanese snack with a super-smooth dough whose rare method of creation has been passed down through generations. Whole grain sticky rice is steamed until soft and supple, then painstakingly pounded into velvet perfection. Our Mochi Rice Bites are then sliced into nuggets & cooked into crunch, creating a uniquely heartier rice snack - naturally! Anytime snack. Topping for salads. Topping for soup. Gluten free. Vegan. No msg added. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Twitter. Product of Thailand.