Ruffino Il Ducale DOC Pinot Grigio Italian White Wine

Ruffino Il Ducale Pinot Grigio White Wine is fresh and fragrant with bright aromas of pineapple, white peach, and tropical fruit accompanied by delicate white flowers and sage, followed by flavors of apple and pear. The acidity is firm but balanced, working very well with the ripe fruit taste profile to confer freshness and a mineral touch to the wine. This Italian white wine is made with grapes sourced from some of the most sought-after vineyards in the wine growing region of Friuli. Ruffino's traditional winemaking process delivers a pinot grigio wine that reveals itself without coaxing or manipulation. Pair a glass of this Italian pinot grigio with fresh seafood salad, linguine, spinach gnocchi or tomato bruschetta. Refrigerate this bottle of wine for at least two hours, and serve chilled for optimal taste. Please enjoy our wines responsibly. © 2020 Ruffino Import Company, Rutherford, CA