Rebbl Super Herb Elixir, Matcha Latte

Whole leaf green tea & coconut-milk. Super herbs. Organic & ethically sourced. Dairy free. Soy free. Powered By Plants: roots; extracts; berries; bark; leaves. Adaptogen powered. USDA organic. Rebbl is all about life-changing super herbs. Every bottle is a celebration of traditional wisdoms refined over millennia, to deliver you purity, potency, happiness & longevity. Super Herb Matcha: Emerald green matcha is the finely ground powder of the whole, young green tea leaf. It is partial-shade grown to develop its characteristic sweet flavor and an abundance of chlorophyll. Matcha enhances & supports: alert, calm energy (35 mg l-theanine); healthy memory & cognition; detoxification (chlorophyll). Antioxidant Power: Matcha is the whole leaf, so it is exceptionally rich in antioxidants. One cup of matcha green tea has the equivalent antioxidant power of 10 servings of traditional brewed green tea. Fit-Body Fats (Coconut MCTs): MCTs from coconut are the healthy, fit-body fats that supports an efficient metabolism, providing an immediate & sustained source of crash-free energy. Dairy free & non-GMO. Lovingly Crafted Without: Agave syrup; carrageenan; natural flavors. L-Theanine: 35 mg/bottle. Caffeine: 80-100 mg/bottle. Not for sale and Rebbl proudly partner to address the root cause of modern slavery through direct investment and impact sourcing. Learn more at Certified organic by Organic Certifiers. BPA-free.