Ray Padula Faucet Splitter, Y, Thumb Control, 2-Way

Easily split one faucet into two faucets; Innovative thumb control easy to use lavers provide full flow control and on/off. Stainless steel screws won't rust. Leak free design. Easily convert one faucet into two! With the Ray Padula Thumb Control splitter, converting one faucet into two is as simple as 1-2-3! Whether you're looking for independent front and backyard control, or the desire to run multiple sprinklers, it's easy with this splitter. Best of all the precision 0-Ring seals ensure no leaks! All new thumb control eliminates frustrating leaky dials. Make all flow adjustments with the push of your thumb! Lifetime warranty. For complete warranty information, visit raypadula.com. raypadula.com. Join us! for gardening tips & more! Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. (at)raypadulagarden. Made in China.