Purina Beneful Dry Dog Food; Simple Goodness With Farm Raised Beef - 12 ct. Box

Satisfy your dog's taste buds with the flavorful morsels found in Purina Beneful Simple Goodness With Farm-Raised Beef adult dry dog food. Accents of real vegetables add variety to your dog's diet, and real farm-raised beef is the #1 ingredient in this recipe. The tender, meaty texture invites your dog to nibble his way to the bottom of his dish, while the high-quality ingredients give you something to feel good about every time you open a pouch. Every serving delivers 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs, so you know he's getting the nourishment he needs to be his best self. This recipe is formulated without artificial colors or flavors, and without animal by-product meals, giving him a high-quality mealtime option. Offer up a helping at mealtime or whenever your faithful friend is deserving of a little something extra in his dish, and let him know just how much he means to you with every tasty bite. Fill your dog's dish with Purina Beneful Simple Goodness With Farm-Raised Beef adult dry dog, and give him the nourishment he deserves along with the great taste he can't get enough of. This recipe features a blend of real peas and carrots you can see and other wholesome ingredients. This tender texture keeps him coming back for more. Serve this dry dog food as the main entree at every feeding, or use it as a mixer with his favorite Purina Beneful wet or dry dog food recipe for a variety of tastes and textures. This recipe also works as a tasty reward at treat time or to use in his favorite puzzle games or toys. Because it doesn't need to be refrigerated, this Purina Beneful dry dog food recipe goes wherever your dog leads you, whether it's to the doggy beach or to your backyard for a game of fetch. Your dog is a beloved member of your family, and you want to make sure he's getting only the best in his dish every day. That's why we strive to make quality the top priority in everything we produce. This dry dog food recipe is prepared in our own U.S. facilities for added peace of mind. In a typical 24-hour production cycle, Nestle Purina conducts 30,000 quality checks involving ingredient and packaging, receiving, processing, and packing, so you can feel confident serving our products to your canine companion. Our recipes meet or exceed AAFCO standards, and they are formulated using high-quality ingredients you can feel good about giving him every day. Serve Purina Beneful Simple Goodness With Farm-Raised Beef adult dry dog food to your darling dog, and give him the nutrition he needs to maintain his playful, adventurous lifestyle with you by his side. Farm-raised beef is the #1 ingredient Contains no artificial colors or flavors Made without meat by-product meals Tender, meaty morsels for the taste and texture dogs love Packaged in stay-fresh pouches for easy serving Blend of real peas and carrots you can see Can be served as a main course, meal mixer or treat