Phelps Dog Treats, Beef + Chicken Flavor, Squirrel!

Contains ingredients known to support brain health. May help support cognitive function for puppies & senior dogs. Wellness Collection. DHA + acetyl l-carnitine + gingko biloba + theanine. Turn your star pooch into the teacher's pet. Dog brains aren't so different from ours. Squirrel! Youngsters need focus to learn and seniors need it to thrive. And since dogs can't do cross-word puzzles, we included ingredients known to support brain health to give dogs a mental leg-up from pup to old age. Beef + chicken + flaxseed + gingko biloba + tuna oil + no wheat, corn, or soy. Phelps Wellness Collection: At Phelps Pet Products we've been making great-tasting pharm-to-table solutions designed to support pet health and vitality since 1966. Questions? 815-397-0236. Made in USA.