Pain Bloc Capsaicin, 24 Hours

Capsaicin 0.25 % topical analgesic. 24 hours of arthritis pain relief (Relief builds to full effect after several days. Use as directed every day). Max dose without a prescription. Odor free. Serious medicine for you arthritis pain. The only OTC topical pain reliever that can help provide 24hr arthritis pain relief with as little as one application every day. Patented formula helps block arthritis joint pain at the source of the pain signal. Deactivates certain nerve fibers that transmit pain signals to the brain. Clinically shown to provide long-lasting relief (Clinical study conducted in osteoarthritis knee pain). Use for a week and pain relief will last up to a month (Clinical study conducted in osteoarthritis knee pain). Take the PainBloc24 Challenge: Try it for a week and tell us about it at Call 855-438-3944. Arthritis Foundation: Let's get a grip on arthritis.