Outsiders Pizza, Detroit Style

Pulled pork + bacon + bbq sauce. Damn good. Smoky sweet BBQ sauce - pulled pork - diced ham - applewood smoked bacon - green onions - white cheddar - Wisconsin brick cheese - thick pillowy crust. Damn good pizza can come from anywhere. Detroit. City of caramelized cheese 'round the outside. Detroit pizza. The boss of pillowy and delicious. Around the outside of our Detroit pie you'll find a layer of caramelized Brick cheese that will make you wonder why all things don't come with a layer of melted cheese around them. Legend has it that this style was forged by Detroit autoworkers who used deep industrial pans as cooking equipment. Which just goes to show you that American ingenuity lives on - sometimes in the form of amazing pizza. All praise Detroit. At Outsiders, we're giving the best, under-respected pizzas their moment. These pizzas come from exotic places like Detroit and Milwaukee, where the cheese flows like champagne, and caramelized crust is always kissed with oil. We pay these humble pizza styles tribute for one reason: They taste damn good. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Contact Us: 1-800-637-8543. outsidepizza.com.