Old Spice Volcano with Charcoal Build-up Removing Men’s Shampoo, 25.3 fl. oz.

Far beyond the reach of mortal men rests a frozen volcano. There, among the complex interplay of frosty tundra and fiery ash, rests Denali. Many will enter, but those who emerge, victorious, come out with a story few would believe. But there are worse things than being labeled a liar, especially when your hair looks as good as it will with the help of Old Spice Volcano with Charcoal Shampoo for men. It’s made with real charcoal so you’ll get a deep clean to go along with your unbelievable adventure, as well as the scent of smooth, musky woods and citrus. Men’s shampoo with legendary freshness from start to finish Cleansing shampoo for the modern man Leaves hair with a fresh, manly scent Removes build-up to keep hair looking and feeling flawless For your hair, not your pits