Muscle Milk® Strawberries 'n Creme Non Dairy Protein Shake 4-11 fl. oz. Pack

Finding protein drinks that taste great and help you stick to your goals shouldn’t be difficult. Strawberries 'n Creme-flavored MUSCLE MILK Genuine Protein Shakes are ready when you are and deliver everything you need for a quick meal replacement, energy-boosting snack, or post-workout recovery. With a rich, delicious flavor, these on-the-go protein drinks make it easier than ever to balance your busy lifestyle. MUSCLE MILK is a trademark of Cytosport, Inc.DELICIOUS MEAL REPLACEMENT OR WORKOUT RECOVERY – Whether you need an energizing push for your workout, a tasty post-workout muscle recovery, or a quick, satisfying meal replacement shake, every MUSCLE MILK Protein Shake has what you need to fuel your goals and support your busy life.DELICIOUS NUTRITION – Each Strawberries 'n Creme-flavored protein drink contains 25g protein, 160 calories, 1g sugar, 5g fiber, and is an excellent source of antioxidant vitamins A and C as well as vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus for strong bones. Kosher, gluten free, and suitable for most individuals sensitive to lactose. SUPERIOR TASTE – The rich and sweet flavor of your favorite berries with a creamy twist.BENEFITS OF PROTEIN – Protein may assist in helping you feel full and maintain a healthy body weight, especially in conjunction with exercise. Protein helps support muscle growth and repair after exercise and is key for healthy muscles and bones.PROTEIN COMPARISONS – Every serving has 25g of protein compared to the protein found in: 3 jumbo eggs (24g), 3 8-Ounce glasses of skim milk (24g), or 3 Ounce. of cooked chicken breast (25.8g). Convenient 4-pack, 11 fl Ounce. bottles Great for an everyday snack, protein boost, or post-workout recovery 160 calories, 25g protein, 1g sugar, 5g fiber per serving Subtly sweet and fruity with a silky texture Kosher, gluten free, and suitable for most individuals sensitive to lactose