Jergens Moisturizer, 24-Hour, Skin Firming

Oil-infused. For visibly firmer skin. With collagen and elastin. For cellulite-prone skin. Jergens Skin Firming Moisturizer, fortified with collagen and elastin, tightens and increases elasticity of cellulite-prone skin. This nourishing oil blend serves double duty. moisturizing skin while delivering visibly firmer results. Give your skin a smooth, toned look after lust one use. Use daily, and make a firm resolution for more beautiful skin. Oil-infused formulas from Jergens Skincare lock in long-lasting hydration with the moisturizing power of essential ingredients to give you visibly beautiful skin. Dermatologist tested. Questions or comments? Jergens Skincare Experts are always at your fingertips: or call 1-800-742-8798 (USA). Made in USA of US & imported ingredients.