Hapi Water Apple Joy Fortified Water Beverage 8-6 fl. oz. Pouches

Naturally sweetened nothing artificial. 0 grams of sugar. A good source of vitamin C. Only 5 calories per pouch. 0% juice. Sugar free. Healthy Kids Are Hapi Kids: 4 years ago I met KB Parkes, a dentist and father of two beautiful kids. Together, we created Hapi Water, the best tasting kids drink with 0 grams of sugar and only 5 calories. Help us fight childhood obesity and type II diabetes and be HAPI! - Karsten, Co-Founder & Former Army Ranger. Naturally better. Hapi: 0 g sugar per 6 fl oz. Hapi: 5 calories per 6 fl oz. Hapi: 90% vitamin C % daily value. vs. Leading Kid's Juice Drink: 16 g sugar per 6 fl oz. Leading Kid's Juice Drink: 60 calories per 6 fl oz. Leading Kid's Juice Drink: 10% vitamin C % daily value. The best tasting. Kids drink ever made. 5% Promise: Hapi Drinks is committed to donating 5% of pre-tax income to St. Jude's Children's Hospital in order to promote childhood well-being. Follow us: Facebook; Twitter; Instagram. hapidrinks.com.