Goodie Girl Cookies, Fudge Striped

Gluten free. Certified gluten-free. No peanuts. Rebel against regular. When I was a kid, we almost never had dessert - let alone packaged cookies. On lucky nights, my mom came home from business parties with a secret stash. Cookie crumbs nestled in a fancy napkin emerged from her purse and disappeared, lickety-split. Ironically, cookies are now my career, so my kids have had the opposite experience. Cookies everywhere they turn! We asked our devoted community to list the cookies you loved most as a Kid Fudge Striped rose straight to the top. - Shira. We are passionate about the arts and inspiring children to be creative and to color outside the lines. Google Girl donates a portion of our sales to non-profits whose mission is to provide underserved children with educational arts programs that foster creativity. RSPO: Certified sustainable palm oil. Connect with us: Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Instagram. So here it is. Another better-for you twist on a classic to devour. Eat up and rock on! And please share your sweet stories with us at stories(at) Learn more at Try all of our great flavors: oatmeal raisin; toffee crunch; chocolate chip; fudge striped; cocoa slims; double chocolate chip; mint cookies; chocolate creme; magical animal; birthday cake. Made in USA.