Gevalia Kaffe Special Reserve Ground Coffee Guatemala

Gevalia Kaffe Special Reserve Ground Coffee Guatemala. New. Founded in Sweden. Est 1853. Special reserved. Single origin. Source. Guatemala. Coarse Ground. Deep, earthy, smoky notes with hints of cocoa. Perfect for French press & automatic drip brewing Mild. Dark. Ground coffee. Rainforest alliance. Certified. Contains 60% certified coffee. Net wt 10 oz (283g). Coarse ground: Sourced exclusively from Guatemala, a country known for its majestic mountain ranges, the high altitude strongly influences this coffee's deliciously unique flavor. This coffee contains beans from farms that have achieved Rainforest Alliance certification, which encourages a minimum of 40% shade cover on farms located in naturally forested areas. The resulting coffee is medium-bodied with a depth and complexity of earthy, smoky notes and a hint of cocoa. Enjoy in your regular coffee maker or, for an exceptionally unique experience, this blend is perfectly tailored for use in your French Press brewer. Best brewed with: French press. Pour over. Moka pot. Call at 1.888.496.0021 to discover more about our exceptional blends or visit us at