Gerber Good Start Grow Toddler Drink, Powder, Probiotics, 3 (12-24 Months)

Probiotics to help support digestive health. Grow for toddler tummies. Nutritious toddler drink. Specially designed with essential nutrients for toddlers. DHA & iron to help support brain development. Gerber Good Start Grow nutritious toddler drink provides nutrition for toddlers 12-24 months: probiotics to help support digestive health; DHA and iron to help support brain development; Nutrition specially designed with essential nutrients for toddlers. Some settling may occur in shipping. Makes approximately 162 fl oz (1.3 gal) of toddler drink. To receive the benefits of probiotics, feed on a regular basis, preferably every day. Good Question: is your toddler a bundle of energy becoming increasingly independent? Good to Know: Gerber Good Start Grow is a nutritious toddler drink that helps to support digestive health. Nourishing toddler tummies lets toddlers focus on their growing independence. Good to Connect: have questions? Experts available 24/7: 1-800-533-1903. You can also call to schedule a free appointment to speak with a Registered Dietician or Certified Sleep Consultant. Gerber staged-based nutrition. Nourishing healthy babies and toddlers at each stage of development. Stage 1: birth + Gerber Good Start Gentle birth-12 months. Stage 2: sitter Gerber Good Start Gentle 6-12 months. Stage 3: toddler Gerber Good Start Grow 12-24 months. Non GMO: not made with genetically engineered ingredients.