Bota Box Red Wine Blend, Nighthawk Black, California, 2015

Peruse the night sky with a wine that looks just as dark, but shines bright in your glass. Big; deep; jammy; dark. Wine Enthusiast Best Buy 2013 California Nighthawk Black. One Bota box equal to four 750 ml bottles. The original environmentally-friendly box. Taste the Adventure: There's something to be said for sitting outside in the still, starry night, far from civilization, and just listening. As the campfire dies out, the only sounds you may hear are that of nature, like the Nighthawk, on its nightly hunting adventure. Our Nighthawk Black dark red wine is as deep as a night in the wilderness, with big, jammy flavors; contemplate your own night adventures while enjoying a glass. Let's take a bow. Join our adventures, and share yours! Twitter: (at)bota_box. For more information on our family of wines, check out The perfect wine for your next adventure. It's a big, beautiful world out there. And you've got big, beautiful experiences ahead. Thanks for bringing us along. Nothing beats drinking in the essence of this thing called life. Thanks for choosing Bota, the perfect wine for your next adventure. The original eco-friendly package! Nothing but good stuff inside and out: FSC-certified, printed with VOC-free inks on Kraft unbleached recycled paper containing more than 95% post-consumer fiber; bonded with cornstarch instead of glue and 100% recyclable. Inside, the wine bag is BPA free; both it and the spout are Category 7 recyclables. It starts with deliciousness. We work hard to make sure Bota offers the perfect wine for any occasion, and we're proud to offer award-winning, vintage-dated varietals. Whether you're relaxing poolside, tableside or mountainside, we have a wine for you. It lasts and lasts. Sure, it's fancy but our state-of-the-art FlexTap technology helps our wines last more than a month after opening. When we banish wine's enemies - light and air - we let the flavors dance on and on. Take us anywhere. No, really. Thanks to our compact, portable, shatter-proof box, you can enjoy premium wine anytime, anyplace. Bota is fine to store on your countertop or in the fridge. Recycled. Board made from recycled material. FSC: This box is 100% recyclable - please recycle. Sustainability. Quality. Family. Alc 13.5% by vol. Vinted & bottled by Bota Box Vineyards Manteca, CA 95336.