Bud Light Variety Pack Seltzer 24 ea

6 - Black Cherry. 6 - Lemon Lime. 6 - Strawberry. 6 - Mango. No artificial flavors. 100 calories. Less than 1 g sugars. 2 g carbs. Gluten free. Looking for answers? What does it taste like? Seltzer. Does it taste like seltzer or beer? Seltzer. Is there any Bud Light in it? No. But can i drink it when i'd typically drink Bud Light? Yes. Like, can i drink it at a tailgate? Yes. In my garage? Yes. At 40.697252 - 76.235543? If you do, take a picture. Is it gluten free? Yes. Also, what's gluten? Good question. Is it for non-beer people? Yes. Is it only for non-beer people? No. With all these flavors, should i go in any specific order? Nope. You do you. How many should I buy? How many can you carry? Does it turn my beer fridge into a seltzer fridge? A true philosophical quandary. Is it still okay to say Dilly Dilly? We'll get back to you on that. budlight.com. TapIntoYourBeer.com. Learn more at: budlight.com. For more information about our products call 1-800-Dial-Bud (1-800-342-5283) or visit us at TapIntoYourBeer.com. Please recycle. 5% alc/vol.