Notice of Financial Incentive

We provide price discounts, coupons, services and other perks for members of our ClubBev loyalty program (collectively “programs”); (1) large volume customers; (2) members of our mailing list; (3) members of our texting list and (4) members of our email list covered by the notice of financial incentive. Through these offerings, consumers provide us with some personal information (e.g., names, emails, phone numbers, mobile phone numbers, address) when they opt-in to our programs. There is no obligation to opt-in and consumers may opt-out at any time. The details of each program are contained in the program offering. Details on our current programs can be found here – https://www.bevmo.com/clubbev-terms-conditions.

We offer these programs, among other things, to enhance our relationship with you so you can enjoy more of our products/services at a lower price. We invest heavily in our marketing and brands, in part, so we can provide programs to our customers. Consumer data is valuable to our business only when it is combined with a sufficient number of other consumer data points and after it is enhanced by our efforts described below.

The value to our business of any individual consumer’s personal information is dependent on a number of factors, including, for example, whether and to what extent you take advantage of any offerings, whether and to what extent you opt out of any offerings, and whether we are able to enhance the data through our efforts described below. Our ability to create any value from the programs is heavily based on our ability to leverage said intellectual properties.

We do not calculate the value of consumer data in our accounting statements. We make this good faith estimate for California residents. To the extent we create overall value from our programs to our business that could be directly or reasonably related to the value of customer data, the method for calculating same would include: the costs associated with (1) our intellectual property; (2) enhancing customer data by our skilled team’s efforts; (3) leveraging our significant investments in understanding you as our existing and future customers; (4) all other costs reasonably related to the programs and (5) for each program, and in the aggregate, whether the sales generated by the program(s) exceed the cost to us of offering them.

You can opt-in to, or opt-out of, our programs at any time through the same means they are offered, or by contacting us per our Privacy Policy.