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Posted on February 15, 2018 by in Media Room


Cabs Are King, But Popularity of Fresh Limes Remains A Mystery

CONCORD, Calif. (Feb. 15, 2018) – When it comes to washing down the Valentine’s Day chocolates, an overwhelming number of shoppers have opted for red wines over the past six years, but an increasing number are flirting with whiskey and sparkling wines, according to sales data from the West Coast beverage retailer BevMo!

In a review of items sold from February 13-14 since 2013, red wines have topped the list every year, with 2018 being no exception. Whiskeys continued to gain in popularity among last-minute Valentine’s shoppers. And for the second year in a row, three whiskeys made it into the top 10.

BevMo! data also point to an increase in popularity among champagne, sparkling wine and prosecco for Valentine’s Day. This year, La Marca Prosecco was a top seller, with Veuve Cliquot also cracking the top 20 in items sold at BevMo!

It should come as little surprise that cabernet sauvignon is the preferred varietal year-after-year for Valentine’s Day, but few can explain the mystery of fresh limes. The fruit was the third most popular item sold during Valentine’s Day in 2015, and the fourth most popular item in 2014. It dropped to 20th place last year, and did not crack the top 20 in 2018.

"It’s interesting to see what last-minute Valentine's Day shoppers have opted for these past few years," said Brian Bowden, GMM of merchandising at BevMo! "Red wines are the unquestioned leader, but we are seeing spirits leap in popularity. And there will always be a few unromantic items making the list, namely bags of ice and fresh limes. To each his own."

Last year marked the first time vodka broke through the top 20 with Tito’s Handmade Vodka the 17th most sold item from Feb. 13-14. This year, the trend continued with Tito’s nearly breaking into the top 10 in terms of items sold, coming in at number 11. Maybe that’s what all the limes are for.

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