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Brick Hill Chardonnay - Dani @ Chico, CA
Posted on April 23, 2019 by in Bevmologist Reviews

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Brick Hill Chardonnay - Dani @ Chico, CA

BevMologist: Dani
Store Location: Chico, CA

Featured Item:

Brick Hill Chardonnay ★★★★★

What do you like about it?

I like that Brick Hill is a quality Chardonnay for under $30. Pineapple leaps out of the glass on the nose while on the palate I get a creamy, well balanced, stone fruit flavor with just a hint of acidity and a touch of honeysuckle. Brick Hill drinks round and full. It is a great bargain for a solid summer white.

What food would you pair with it?

Brick Hill Chardonnay would pair wonderfully with a smoked salmon with poached eggs benedict. The creamy yet slight citrus note of the hollandaise sauce would complement the creaminess of the wine and have strong enough flavors to balance out the pairing.

What occasion would it complement?

I would complete any summer brunch with Brick Hill Chardonnay (or really any summer party with food and friends)

About the BevMologist:

I have worked for BevMo for almost 8 years mainly because I love the interaction with the customers and the products we sell. There is always something new to try and learn about which I find exciting, challenging, and fun!