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Category Description - German Wheat Beer

What is a wheat ale?


Wheat ales have their roots in German culture. Often called German wheat beer, these beers add wheat to their brewing mash to give a hazy appearance and a pop of protein to the finished product. Popular long before prohibition hit in the US, this style of beer is currently enjoying a surge in popularity. But before you buy wheat beer or rye beer online, take a second to understand more about this unique brew!


What are the types of wheat ale?


In the most simple of definitions, there are two basic forms of wheat beer. There is German wheat beer and American style wheat beer. In general, an American wheat beer has a marked flavor of hops, while German wheat beers are a bit drier in flavor.

Inside of those basic parameters you can find two main subdivisions. These are Weizenbier and Witbier. Weizenbier translates to “white beer” in German and consists of a 50/50 mash blend of wheat and barley. The beer is light in color and fresh in taste. Witbier takes on the Belgian tradition of using fruit flavorings with the wheat. Common additions include orange peel and coriander.


Where are wheat ales from?


Wheat beers are most commonly associated with Germany, but this is not the only country where these delicious, hazy colored beers come from. As mentioned above, Belgium also has a big hand in producing wheat beers. Additionally, the United States, Canada, and Britain are top producers of wheat beer on a world market level.


How is wheat ale best served?


Wheat ales are best served in vase-shaped glasses. While the US often serves wheat beers with a slice of orange or lemon to accent the fruit flavors in the brew, this is generally frowned upon in Bavaria. The fruit garnish tradition can be traced to Portland, Oregon in the mid-1980s. For a real treat, try a 50/50 mix of wheat beer and cola, a specialty in Bavaria in the summer months.

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