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Trending Now: Canned Wine
Posted on April 20, 2019 by in Wine

The wine industry has loosened a few buttons lately. Following the lead of craft beer, fine wine is becoming increasingly available in aluminum cans.

At first, sommeliers and wine snobs turned their nose to the very idea of wine in a can. However, as more reputable winemakers jump on the bandwagon, many consumers are ditching bottles in favor of cans and even boxes (gasp).

And there’s good reason for the rapid rise in popularity. The fact is that the quality of canned wine is now comparable to most bottles, and that’s not all. Aluminum cans are lighter, easier to carry, more eco-friendly and much safer than glass. Not to mention, cans stay cooler for longer.

A word to the wise: proceed with caution. These cans may look cute and harmless, but some hold 375 ml, which amounts to half a bottle of wine!

5 Awesome Canned Wines:

1. Sofia–Produced by Coppola Winery, Sofia is offered in two varieties: Blanc de Blancs (light sparkling wine) and Brut Rosé (blend of Pinot Noir & Chardonnay). Sofia comes in stylish 4-packs, and each can includes its own straw.

2. Underwood–Brought to you by Oregon’s Union Wine Co., Underwood creates approachable everyday wines including Rosé, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. Their popular Pinot Gris is a white wine with a bolder, spicier flavor than Pinot Grigio. Pinkies down!

3. ManCan–These guys believe that “wine is for drinking, not pairing.” ManCan is available in three macho varieties–White Blend, Red Blend & Fizz (sparkling white). All their cans have an interior lining to keep the wine away from the aluminum.

4. Babe–From the makers of White Girl Rosé and Family Time Is Hard Pinot Grigio, this cheeky canned wine is made for pool parties. Babe features rich, earthy undercurrents, honeydew notes and plenty of effervescent fizz.

5. Infinite Monkey–A self-described urban winery, Infinite Monkey is “back alley winemaking at its finest.” These canned wines from Colorado are slightly carbonated and refreshingly delicious, featuring fresh flavors and soft tannins.