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Posted on April 20, 2019 by in Wine

Steer clear of tourist traps and stop overpaying for wine tasting. Uncork the finest varietals and blends on the West Coast with Priority Wine Pass—now offered at a discounted rate of $39.99 for BevMo! customers, a savings of $20 from the full retail price.

Priority Wine Pass offers:

  • Discounts and deals at wineries across California, Washington & Oregon.
  • Personalized concierge service, creating custom winery itineraries based on your tastes.

There are thousands of vineyards throughout California, Oregon and Washington, so it can be difficult to navigate the overcrowded landscape. Priority Wine Pass eliminates the guess work, making wine tasting more accessible than ever. With their personalized concierge service, you tell them what you like, and they’ll tell you where to go—it’s that simple!

Enjoy elevated offerings like cave tours, barrel tastings, VIP experiences, food pairings and additional pours. By logging onto their app or website, you’ll also get exclusive access to complimentary tastings that aren’t advertised anywhere else. No more fussing with coupons or download codes. Some offers even allow you to bring guests. There’s no greater gift to yourself or the wine lover in your life.


Finest Wine Regions

Finest Wine Regions

Enjoy free and discounted tastings at the 400+ wineries in their network, many of which are 2-for-1 offers. Just make a reservation and show your card upon arrival. Priority Wine Pass lowers the barrier of entry for some of the world’s most renowned appellations including Napa, Sonoma, Columbia Valley and more. Learn More ▸

Save Hundreds

The average wine tasting is $50 per person, so even if you only go once a year, the membership pays for itself in savings. Without the Priority Wine Pass, you’d spend twice as much in tasting fees, especially if you visit multiple wineries. They’ll recommend the locations that best fit your preferences so you can maximize your time and curate your experience.

Save Hundreds
Instant Benefits

Instant Benefits

Receive your pass instantly and access it by app or email to enjoy 365 days of tastings. Get recommendations and special deals on the finest restaurants and hotels in the wine country. Enjoy discounts on transportation and bikes or bike tours. Plus, enjoy discounts on wine baskets, premium bottles, hot air balloon rides and other perks.

Concierge Service

Get a customized winery itinerary based on date, destination, guest count, personal tastes and price range. All your questions are answered by wine experts.

Concierge Service

Wine Tasting Tips & Tricks

  1. Come as you are — Just because you’re visiting a reputable winery doesn’t mean you need to dress to the nines.
  2. Bring your own lunch — Packing your own picnic is more affordable than buying overpriced food in wine country.
  3. Get a ride — Uber or Lyft are convenient if you’re not traveling too far. Often the cheaper option, believe it or not, is renting a limo. Priority Wine Pass also offers transportation discounts through its partners.
  4. Hold the fragrance — Leave your favorite cologne or perfume in the bottle at home. Wearing a pungent scent can ruin the tasting experience for others.
  5. Be open-minded — Even if you tend to avoid a certain varietal, try what’s being offered, and you might be surprised.
  6. Don’t be a know-it-all — Technical talk won’t impress anyone, and it’ll just make you look like you’re showing off.
  7. No need to spit — It’s not just about education. Have fun and don’t be afraid to swallow your sample! Then again, if you’re visiting numerous tasting rooms, it might be wise to moderate your intake.
  8. Experience family-owned properties — Get one-on-one service that everyone should experience at least once. Just be sure to call ahead first to confirm if you need to make a reservation.
  9. No sharing allowed — Most wineries don’t permit sharing. You can give a sip to someone who didn’t pay for a tasting, but don’t push it.
  10. Be on time — If you’re going to be late, give the winery a courtesy call. And if you receive exceptional service, tipping is not expected, but it is encouraged.

How Many To Buy

Wine tasting is always more fun in groups, or at least in pairs, so you might be wondering how many Priority Wine Passes to purchase. If you’re mainly interested in Napa or Sonoma, most wineries offer 2-for-1 tastings, so you don’t need more than one pass per couple.
For Monterey, Southern California, Oregon or Washington, the majority are complimentary tastings. That means you’ll want two passes to cover each of you. For three people, it’s also smart to get two passes because the additional person will get half off tastings at the 2-for-1 wineries.

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