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Liqueur World Tour
Posted on April 20, 2019 by in Spirits

Liqueurs are made from distilled spirits flavored with anything from flowers, herbs & fruits to spices, nuts & cream. Mix them into a cocktail, or enjoy them in a snifter to draw out the botanical aromas.

Liqueurs are the sweet, sassy daughters of the spirit world. In parts of the U.S. and Canada, liqueurs are sometimes called cordials or schnapps. They usually contain a lower alcohol content than spirits (typically 15-30% ABV), but some contain over 50% ABV. Best enjoyed after dinner, liqueurs can be served alone, over ice, with coffee or mixed into a wide variety of cocktails and layered drinks like the Black & Tan and Tequila Sunrise.

10 World-Class Liqueurs:


Bailey’€™s is the original marriage of fresh dairy cream, aged Irish whiskey, the finest spirits and a unique chocolate blend. You’re missing out if you’ve never had coffee with a shot of Bailey’s.

St. Germain

This distinctive elderflower liqueur skyrocketed to prominence upon its launch in 2007. Known affectionately as the ‘bartender’s ketchup,’

St. Germain appears on cocktail menus around the world.


This classic Italian aperitif is similar to Campari, but considerably less bitter and alcoholic. Enjoy this 100-year-old secret recipe featuring bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb and assorted herbs & roots.

DeKuyper Triple Sec

You can’t make a proper margarita without this ubiquitous orange-flavored liqueur. Triple sec is also an essential ingredient in cocktails like the Long Island Iced Tea and Cosmopolitan.


The top-selling coffee liqueur in the world, Kahlua was introduced in 1936. Featuring rum, vanilla bean, corn syrup and Arabica coffee, this delicious Mexican drink appears in many food and drink recipes.


This classy French triple sec is often enjoyed neat or on ice as an aperitif or digestif to complement a meal. It also serves as the base for many popular mixed drinks.

Grand Marnier

Made from a blend of cognac, bitter orange essence and sugar, this classic orange-flavored liqueur is often used as an alternative to Cointreau or Triple Sec for many classic cocktails.

Rum Chata

A novel combination of Caribbean rum and Wisconsin cream, Rum Chata is made from scratch with a hint of cinnamon, vanilla & sugar–based on the flavors of a popular Latin drink called horchata.


An adventure for your palate, this dark brown liqueur from Italy is unmistakably bitter and aromatic. Made from a variety of herbs and spices, Fernet has a black licorice flavor that works surprisingly well in many cocktails.


This rosy red Italian liqueur is a well-known bitter aperitif and the darling of before-dinner cocktails. Serve it with soda water or citrus juice, or try it as a spritz with prosecco.