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The Many Ways To Use Minis
Posted on April 20, 2019 by in Snacks, Mixers & More

Everything’s bigger and better during the holidays, but the smallest gestures create the most lasting memories. Deck the halls with mini bottles, fa-la la-la la, la-la, la-la. Who doesn’t love mini bottles? They’re cute, convenient and perfect for mixing, but we’re thinking big when it comes to minis. We came up with some creative solutions for you to downsize deliciously this season. All it takes is a little imagination (and we stress little).

Get in the crafty spirit with our pint-sized solutions for decorating, gifting and entertaining:

Mini Heritage Spirits
Advent Calendar

Get a spirited take on the traditional advent calendar. Featuring 24 50-ml bottles from the Heritage portfolio, these little guys turn 12 days of Christmas into 3+ weeks of cheat days!

Candy Cane Mini Tube

Fill this festive candy cane with all your favorite spirits. Each tube holds up to four mini bottles. It makes for a fun holiday display or a clever way to give minis as a present.

Mini Bar in A Jar

Who doesn’t love mason jars? Stuff a few mini bottles of their favorite spirits into one of these trendy containers, add a shot glass or colorful sippy straw, and stick on a bow on it.

Mini & Soda

Our selection of minis is huge, so this is an easy gift for co-workers, friends and family. Just tie a mini to the neck of a mason jar with a can of soda inside or a soda bottle.

Mini Ornaments

Shiny metallic spheres are boring! Branch out this year with mini bottle ornaments. Loop a knotted piece of yarn or pipe cleaner through the cap and slip on a wire hanger from a traditional ornament. You’ll have a seriously lush evergreen décor.

Mini Wreath

Put arriving guests in a festive mood with a door wreath made out of minis. First, cut a ring out of foam. Then glue the minis onto dowels and stick them in the foam. If you don’t have any foam, try gluing the minis together in the shape of a circle.

Gift Card + Mini

The perfect stocking stuffer! Just tie their favorite mini bottle to a gift card from BevMo! They’ll love shopping our world-class selection, plus it takes the guesswork out of what to give those finicky drinkers.

D.I.Y. Bonus Ideas:

Mini Floral Vases
—Sprigs of holly or a single short-stemmed blossom in a mini bottle is a fun way to add a little flare to your holiday décor.

Show us what kind of holiday magic you can make out of mini bottles!
Post photos of your mini projects on Facebook. #bevmominis