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Posted on April 20, 2019 by in Snacks, Mixers & More

Soft drinks are a refreshing option for parties, community events & family functions. Stock up on the world’s coolest sodas at BevMo!

We offer nearly 100 specialty sodas from as far away as Japan. Whether you’re craving something old-school, re-invented or exotic, we have the perfect soda pop for any occasion.

As craft breweries continue to revolutionize the beer biz, a similar movement is shaking up the soda industry. Small-batch artisanal soft drinks are bubbling up across America. The colors are bolder, the ingredients are more natural, and the flavors are imaginative. Pour them in a pint glass, or if you’€™re feeling creative, mix up a seasonal mock-tail featuring your favorite soda.

Pop to it with 10 of our top-rated varieties:

Sioux City Sarsaparilla

Introduced in 1987 as one of the original boutique soft drink brands, this iconic western embossed bottle is like old-fashioned root beer with a little more kick.

Blenheim Red Hot Ginger Ale

Created by a doctor in the late 19th century, this cult classic from South Carolina can be difficult to find. It’s spicy, it’s feisty–no wonder it’s been called the world’s best ginger ale.

Ramune Soda

A viral internet sensation, this innovative Japanese drink is an instant conversation starter. It comes with a plunger cap, which pushes a marble into the soda and creates a dramatic fizz.

Frostie Cherry Limeade

Made with pure cane sugar just like in 1939, this throwback soda strikes a nice balance between sweet and sour with the ideal amount of carbonation.

Virgil’s Root Beer

This micro-brewed crowd favorite features an all-natural blend of spices and herbs. Packaged in a 5-liter keg, this bad boy pumps out the richest, creamiest root beer you’ve ever tasted.

Jackson Hole Huckleberry

Light, sweet and incredibly flavorful, this batch-brewed soda from Jackson Hole is perfect for a picnic, barbecue or backyard party. Enjoy the rich, juicy flavors of high mountain huckleberry.

Moxie Original Elixir

Moxie debuted in 1884 as one the first sodas in America and still bears its nostalgic look and taste. Moxie’s distinct flavor and lack of overt sweetness makes it stand apart to this day.

Cheerwine Cherry Soda

The oldest continuously family-run soft drink company in America, Cheerwine has been a North Carolina favorite for 100 years, featuring a heavily carbonated burst of sparkling cherry goodness.

Boylan’s Creme Soda

Tangy and teeming with vanilla aromas and cane sugar flavor, this retro cream soda is like a doughnut in a glass. It’s light and rich with hints of coffee and chocolate.

Leninade Soviet Style Soda

Treat your comrades to a hilarious bottle sprinkled with tiny, witty captions. Made with real cane sugar, this red soda features refreshingly light citrus and berry flavors.