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Quick & Easy Gifting Ideas
Posted on April 20, 2019 by in Snacks, Mixers & More

Let’s face it, the holidays can be a headache, but not at BevMo! We make it simple to find the right gifts & sips for anyone on your list. Our BevMologists are here to answer any questions and offer recommendations.

No matter who you’re shopping for, holiday gifting can be quite the challenge. The good news is that you can make everyone happy with our incredible selection of the world’s finest drinks! Find the best presents on any budget—from bargain bottles to top shelf releases.

    1. Rare & Special Gifts: Enjoy our premium selection of limited edition and special releases you won’t find elsewhere. Discover new seasonal craft brews, top shelf spirits from across the globe, and exclusive items from our partner wineries.
    2. Gifts Under $50: You’d be surprised how far $50 will go at BevMo! Find fun, refreshing and affordable gifts for the whole office, or treat your friends and family to something memorable. Maybe they’ll even share a sip!
    3. 5¢ Wine: Explore our extensive selection of varietals and blends including award-winning, top-selling and exclusive releases from the world’s finest wineries. Buy one for yourself, give one as a gift!
    4. Prepared Cocktails:  Great as a grab & go gift, these ready-to-drink cocktails won’t make a mess, and more importantly, they involve no prep time. Get the party started with these seasonal favorites:
      1. Pennsylvania Dutch Eggnog: Blended whiskey, rum and brandy blended with fresh dairy cream make this instant cocktail a holiday must-have.
      2. Fulton’s Harvest Pumpkin Spice: This all-natural liqueur is the first-ever pumpkin pie cream liqueur, featuring lush flavors of vanilla, brown sugar & spice.
    5. Specialty Candies:  Treat that special someone to our supreme selection of artisanal snacks including boutique items from around the world. Sweeten up the season with these must-try delicacies:
      1. Jack Daniel’s Liqueur Delights Tin: Famed Swiss chocolatier Goldkenn partnered with Jack Daniel’s to bring you these dark chocolate delights infused with Tennessee whiskey.
      2. Anthon Berg Liqueur Chocolate Bottles: Perfect for holiday parties or host gifts, these liqueur-filled chocolate bottles are colorful, entertaining and iconic. Check out our article on The Many Uses For Minis for more inspirational ideas
    6. Stocking Stuffers: Give them a taste of the holidays with mini bottles and cigars—perfectly pocket-sized for your stocking stuffing convenience. They’re fun, affordable and hassle-free!
    7. Cigars: Light up the holidays with our world-class selection of imported cigars. There’s no better way to celebrate a special occasion; plus, we offer a craftsman’s double-bladed cutter as an accessory. Cigars make great gifts! Treat someone special to an entire box, or give them out as individual stocking stuffers.