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How To Gift A Bottle
Posted on April 20, 2019 by in Snacks, Mixers & More

Think outside the bow this holiday season! A bottle of someone’s favorite sip makes for a can’t-miss gift, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little holiday flare. Our bottle gifting strategies are so effortless, fun and festive that they’d make Martha Stewart envious.

Remember, it’s not just about convenience–you’re making memories, and any of these options will get the recipients Instagramming. So stop worrying about paper cuts and start thinking about presentation.

Gift Bags
You want to offer up a classy gift but at the same time not make it feel fussy and formal. Try either of our exclusive seasonal gift wrap options, the perfect finishing touch for your bottle. Get straight to the point with “Cheers,” a fabric bag with ball tassels, or the gold Organza option for a luxe touch. Available when you choose the Shipping option, choose your bag at checkout, and cross that off your Christmas shopping list.

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Bottle Koozies
You’ve no doubt seen tiny dogs rocking outerwear during their winter morning walks. So why wouldn’t you do the same for a premium wine or spirit? Our adorable bottle knit sweaters in classic Christmas colors have incredible yuletide detail in every tailored stitch. Plus, they can use it on subsequent bottles. Even our minis make fashion statements striped knit stocking caps—way more stylish than your standard red Santa hat.

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Bottle Bags
Choose from our wide selection of signature bottle bags. These slender handle bags are designed for single bottles and come in lively colorful prints such as “Confetti Elegance” and “Cocktail Wishes.”

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DIY Holiday Bag
Don’t mess with boutique-y gift wrap–use a burlap bag. This hardy material’s charming outdoorsy vibe lends your bottle a nice contrast. Cinch it off with ribbon, or just tie with twine and stick on a bow. It’s a light touch that shows what a class act you are.

Shimmery Greetings
Craft a personal message with a gold or silver Sharpie right onto the bottle! Your perfectly imperfect imprint on the label gives your gift a human face.

Shipping Tip
Before wrapping your gift, enclose the bottle in super-small (1/8″) bubble wrap. If you’re going to box it, just use large (1/2″) bubble wrap–it fills excess space more efficiently.