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Inside The World Of Cider
Posted on April 20, 2019 by in Beer & Cider

Hard cider is apple juice all grown up. Fruity, crisp and delicious, ciders are great by themselves or mixed in seasonal cocktails.

Ciders are a refreshing alternative to beer or white wine. Unfortunately, most bars and liquor stores around the country don’t offer the world-class variety of ciders available at BevMo! What are you waiting for? It’s almost harvest time, and more importantly, it’s cider season.

10 Awesome Ciders For Autumn:

Golden State Mighty Dry

A highly drinkable off-dry cider, it all starts with 100% fresh pressed West Coast apples. This champagne-like cider features no added water, sugar, concentrates or gluten. It’s everything you want and nothing you don’t.

Angry Orchard Apple Cider

This hugely popular cider is known for its balance of sweetness and subtle dryness. Made from traditional ingredients, Angry Orchard offers a ton of flavor and bright acidity–just like biting into a fresh apple.

Seattle Dry Cider

Breaking the mold of overly sweet ciders, this is one of the driest hard ciders on the market. Delivering the authentic flavors of Washington apples, the golden orange glow of this unique unfiltered cider offers a lovely floral aroma.

Wyder’s Pear Cider

Delightfully refreshing and tasty, this top-selling cider is light and fruit forward, presenting tangy aromas, a lively mouth feel that tickles the tongue, and distinct flavors of pear and sweet apple.

Stella Artois Cidre

Drier and less sweet than many of its American counterparts, this distinctive cider is made with handpicked apples using European brewing styles. Best enjoyed with a meal, savor the full flavors of red apple, peach and apricot.

Woodchuck Amber Cider

Featuring baked apple & spice notes, this flavorful cider from Vermont features a crisp entry, lively carbonation and significant sweetness. Made exclusively from apples without any grains, all Woodchuck products are naturally gluten-free.

Strongbow Honey & Apple

A blend of bittersweet cider, culinary apples and succulent honey, this satisfying cider is sweet yet refreshing. Topped by a compact head of fine bubbles, Strongbow features a golden color, smooth body and long palate.

Crispin Brownslane

Naturally fermented in the UK, this effervescent cider is made with traditional English bittersweet apples, which are more acidic and tannic than American apples. The result is a gluten-free balance of slight sweetness and a fairly dry finish.

Rekorderlig Wild Berries

Made from pure Swedish spring water, this traditional yet contemporary cider embodies the flavor and fragrance of wild blueberries and raspberries–best served over ice for a refreshing experience.

Julian Cherry Bomb

This powerhouse cider hails from a small mountain town in Southern California. Handcrafted with juice from the Montmorency Cherry, this 100% natural elixir is chock-full of vitamins and antioxidants.