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Smithwick's Irish Ale (6PKB 11.2 OZ)

6PKB 11.2 OZ

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6 Review(s)

The original amber ale from Ireland. While this beer is clearly an Ale it takes characteristics from both the Ale and Lager styles. Clean and smooth with rich malts.

Guinness Brewing
Imported Beers
Irish Ale
6PKB 11.2 OZ
Private Label:

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4 Review(s)
1 year ago
Best Irish beer available in the US
Guinness gets all the hype and attention for Irish beers. But honestly, Smithwicks is WAY better quality. I visited Ireland last year, so got to sample plenty of authentic Irish brews. Yes, there were ones I preferred over Smithwicks. But they were local brews that don't get exported to the States. This one is, by far, the best available in the US.
2 Review(s)
1 year ago
Smithwck's is some of the worst beer I've ever tasted. Just because it comes from Ireland that doesn't man. It good. It is bland and flat. I thought it would be similar to Guinness. Not even close. I don't know what the other reviews are raving about. I ordered for BevMo delivery. All other BevMo beers I had delivered were excellent quality.
1 Review(s)
2 years ago
Had this in Ireland and had to look for it when I got back to the states. It's amazing!
Closed Mouth Smile
1 Review(s)
2 years ago
Perfect beer.
World's best beer.
joline j.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
Awesome Imported Irish Ale!
Had this at Pappy McGregor's in San Luis Obispo. It arrived, and it was so dark...I was afraid it would be bitter and hoppy. Nope! It was yummy. Wonderful, smooth Irish Ale. Amazing!
Kristine R.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
Great red,brown ale without the aftertaste.
Best of Ireland. Was introduced to it at Fibber McGee's in Dublin.
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