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Blanton's Bourbon (750 ML)

750 ML

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Truly one of the first specialty, single-barrel bourbons, Blanton's Bourbon is the best of the best. A silver medal winner at the SF World Spirits Competition, this premium bourbon ignites the pallet with a full, yet soft, array of citrus, cloves, and caramel and finishes strong with a balanced hint of vanilla and honey. At 46.5% ABV, it's no wonder this premium bourbon set the standard for all other single-barrel bourbons and is best served on the rocks or neat. This item is available for Gift Wrap when Shipping to CA, AZ or WA.

750 ML
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Guest User Review(s)
1 month ago
Very smooth and rich tasting, highly recommend. Goes great with a 24oz tomahawk ribeye.
1 Review(s)
3 months ago
Great Bourbon, Excellent Price!
My Favorite Drink! Smoother than most other bourbons and has a nice finish. It can be hard to find so make sure to stock up when available.
3 Review(s)
1 year ago
Perfection at a decent price
As good as it gets. Very difficult to find. Thank goodness for Bevmo's multitude of locations, with online stock on-hand. Heading over to the store right now!
1 Review(s)
1 year ago
Hands down, amazing!
Absolutely one the very best bourbons I have ever had. Smooth and remarkable flavor!
2 Review(s)
2 years ago
Next to Elmer T Lee and Pappy Van Winkle, Blanton's rides high!

Bevmo must keep this gem in stock since the other two are rare finds.
25 Review(s)
2 years ago
Top Shelf.
Succulent. Deep, complex, warm. A big toffee hit and a terrific finish that lets you know you just tasted some solid gold Bourbon. It's a cut above and given it's scarceness locally, I am reluctant to sip on it as anything other than a special nights pour- and I hate that! My last bottle was reserved for someone else but unpaid for, I made them sell it to me! This is your filet mignon Bourbon. Like a fine woman- hot, sweet, deep, satisfying...never let her go!
1 Review(s)
2 years ago
Smooth Carmel
2 Review(s)
3 years ago
Great everyday day whiskey
This is a great Whiskey, and up there with Bookers, but not as strong. It is hands above Gentlemen Jack and Buffalo Trace, which are all very good.
David R.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
One NICE Bourbon!
This has to be by far one of my favorite Bourbons!!! This gives Woodford Reserve a run for it's money!!
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
The Best Single Barrel
There is nothing to say about Blanton's other than it is excellent. Can't be beat in my opinion. I highly recommend this to any bourbon drinker and it is well worth the price.
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