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Maker's Mark Bourbon Whisky (750 ML)

750 ML

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Created by Bill Samuels, Sr. to be a bourbon that he would enjoy drinking himself, Maker's Mark is smooth and approachable with an easy finish - a true contrast to hot, harsh whiskies that "blow your ears off," and a downright revolutionary idea at the time. Maker's Mark is made slowly in small batches, in our National Historic Landmark distillery in Loretto, Kentucky. While it makes any cocktail better, a lot of folks still prefer it on its own, or over ice with a splash of water. This item is available for Gift Wrap when Shipping to CA, AZ or WA.

Maker's Mark Distillery
750 ML
Private Label:

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Don Jorge Osborne
3 Review(s)
1 year ago
A go to for cocktails. I wouldn't suggest this bottle to sip on by itself, but it isn't that bad by itself either. However, if you're making cocktails, this is a standard good mixer.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
My goto favorite
My goto bourbon on the rocks. After many years of various bourbons, I find this to be the smoothest and most enjoyable to just sit around and sip. Sweet without the strong bite of many others. Like Old Fitzgerald, it is made using wheat rather than rye based mash. By the way, If you have not tried Old Fitzgerald you should. Another smooth sipping bourbon.
Jeffrey C.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
Reliable and available!
Readily available and one of my everyday bourbons.
Alexander A.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
Delicate Spirit.
The nose is very well balanced and conventional with hints of vanilla (of course it's a bourbon!) and some fruitiness. The palate is probably what made this bourbon famous, here you don't get the alcohol burnt sensation present in some dry and high abv whiskeys on the contrary, lots of almonds, maple syrup, raisins and for most new bourbon drinkers this has to be a plus. Smooth it is. Recommended as an introduction to the world of whiskeys. Less attractive spirit for the rest of us.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
best find at a bar
I give makers 4 stars for sure. I put 5 to counteract the idiots giving it less than it deserves. I absolutely love bourbon whiskey and makers has never done me wrong. I like it straight out of the bottle, cause to me it tastes like cherry candy. Anytime i go out to a bar this is what i drink. At home, i buy better. Its great for old fashioneds, or i usually ask for Makers, water, a little.more than a splash of coke and a couple cherries.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
I will get some heat for this rating... I think Makers is a little too harsh at this price range. The flavor is there, but i'm just not sold for the next bottle. Buffalo Trance has a wider range of flavor and is more smooth. Its definitely good Whiskey, just not my thing.
thomas s.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
Plenty ok
Not bad, not among the best. It's good with it's buttery tongue, caramel and butterscotch notes and a hint of anise late, but it certainly isn't the best. In this range, hands down it's Buffalo Trace- 3 finger pours each and every time! Maker's is relegated to an occasional sip over rocks for variety as I just don't use mixers.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
Make your next drink be your finest choice!
An absolutely tremendous Bourbon....Nothing but exceptional flavor, consistent quality & undeniably one of the FINEST Bourbons available on the market!
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