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St. George Botanivore Gin (750 ML)

750 ML

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4 Review(s)

Local from Alameda CA. Top 50 Spirits 2012-Wine Enthusiasts 93 PTS, lightly floral gin for spring cocktails. It has a light touch, from the citrus scent to the sweet flavor. This item is available for Gift Wrap.

St. George Spirits
750 ML
Private Label:

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13 Review(s)
2 years ago
Excellent, complex gin
A long time scotch drinker, the last few years I have been experimenting with gins for martinis and gin 'n' tonics... My go to gin was Bombay Sapphire, which is a fine gin, and I wanted to move upscale to more "boutique" style gins, which led me first to the St. George Terrior, which I love, and eventually to this gin, which is excellent, and only pales in comparison to the "out there" evergreen qualities of their Terrior.
The floral, botanical quality is quite well balanced, and enjoyable both neat and with tonic, and suffers only by comparison with its stablemate.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
Not for me...
This gin is too sweet for me. I prefer the dry london style.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
Unique and amazing.
This gin is so floral that it is like having a gin and tonic without adding the tonic. The complex tones from each of the ingredients distinctly reveal themselves as they hit my pallet. It makes for a refreshing drink experience over most average gins.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
Best tasting Gin I've had
I agree with the other reviews about the complexity and uniqueness of the flavors of this gin. It is for drinking straight and not for cocktails. I tried a martini with it and all it did was detract from the flavor. Try it on the rocks or neat and you won,t be disappointed.

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