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Bulleit Straight Rye Whiskey (750 ML)

750 ML

Regular Price: $34.99

Special Price $24.99 CLUBBEV!

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16 Review(s)

90 PTS JULY 2012 WINE ENTHUSIAST. Aged in white oak barrels that are charred to the maximum before being filled. This whiskey is made with 95% rye and is a copper color with slight green patina. This item is available for Gift Wrap.

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750 ML
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1 Review(s)
1 year ago
Good rye at this price point
For the money, this is a great rye. If you want something special, you're probably going to look elsewhere, and for something at least 2x the price. But, for a solid everyday rye, this one is good to keep on hand.
1 Review(s)
2 years ago
Will not ever purchase again. May just our it down the drain.
I was very disapointed. The product seems unfinished and had a paint thinner aftertaste.
10 Review(s)
2 years ago
Great rye.
There's a little shift of flavor year to year, but for the price this stuff is GREAT. Has a nice sting on the rocks and some delicious maraschino flavor that comes through.

One of my favorite everyday ryes. Works just as well in a Manhattan as on the rocks.
1 Review(s)
2 years ago
It's Good
I'm normally a scotch guy but wanted to try newer American whiskeys . All in all it's nice straight and chilled. If you like scotch you might find it has a sweet taste.Many here say spicy and it is but also notes of vanilla. It's a good whiskey.
1 Review(s)
3 years ago
This Rye has a slight spice taste. It is very smooth, and very little burn. An excellent sipping whiskey straight or with ice.
Alexander A.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
Nice but very young
I think rye whiskeys have a tremendous future. This one taste very different from your everyday corn based bourbon (drier-spicier-bolder) but unfortunately has not much to offer in terms of flavor. In my opinion it is simply too young and the ones with long cask maturation are super expensive and hard to find so the general public is left with the likes of Bulleit and others. Conclusion: For the money a good quality bourbon still rules.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
Bulleit Rye a must try for Manhattan drinkers
I'm a longtime Manhattan drinker. Jim Beam Black has been my go to bourbon, with Evan Williams added lately. Never tried a rye. This Bulleit Rye is a must try for anyone who like Manhattans. I've read that rye has a "bite" and is "spicey". Believe me, no bite to this Bulleit rye. There is a unique flavor to this rye; hard to describe, but definitely a nice match with the bitters and Vermouth in a Manhattan. Also very smooth sipped neat. Try it.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
Great Rye Whisk(e)y!
Long-time drinker of Scotch (Highland Park 12 is my "house brand" - what I serve if a guest doesn't specifiy a brand). Don't drink much American Whiskey (too sweet). Recently bought a bottle of Bulleit Rye to make Classic Manhattans for a party. Had to try it neat. Loved it. I have since purchased several other (more expensive) ryes, but Bulleit remains my favorite. I am not a connoissuer, so my review is simple: it is young, bold and spicey. It does lack the refinement of age, but that's why I'm drinking rye! It is my "house brand" rye (for now).
Edward M.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
Great Rye
I’m new to Rye Whisky. I have definitely sampled many Bourbons. Heard that Rye was the ultimate “American Whisky” as far as taste and smell. I purchased Bulleit Straight Rye Whiskey and I was quite pleasantly surprised, I drank it both neat and on the rocks and it definitely had good character and it has a scent that drove me crazy. After finishing the bottle much sooner than expected I tried various other brands that Bev Mo sells like Old Overholt and Jim Beam Rye and both couldn’t compare to the great flavor and taste and scent of Bulleit Straight Rye Whiskey. If you want to try Rye Whisky you should try Bulleit Straight Rye Whiskey you won’t be disappointed.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
Best tasting Whiskey under $25
Highest recommendation. Won't find a better tasting Whiskey for under $25.
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