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Growler Fills

In select BevMo! stores, we offer growler fills and refills of cold, fresh handcrafted beer – including a great selection that are brewed locally and available only for purchase from the tap.

At BevMo!, pick up a new 64 oz. glass growler jug or bring in your own cleaned-and-dried growler to be filled.

Note: Growler fills and refills are currently offered only in Washington and Arizona stores.

Empty BevMo! growler bottles are sold in most BevMo! stores in California as well.

What's on Tap?

Our select stores have 8-12 specialty brews on tap, from the popular local brews of the Pacific Northwest, West Coast and Arizona to seasonal and limited releases! 

Kegs and selection changes out frequently, with something special always on tap and ready for you to enjoy. 

View What’s on Tap: Washington stores

View What’s on Tap: Arizona stores

Growlers are currently offered only in Washington and Arizona stores.

But Not in California?

Why aren’t growler fills available in California BevMo! stores?

At this time, retailers in California are not legally permitted to “fill” growlers for resale, however are permitted to sell empty growler bottles. In California, growlers must be filled at a licensed beer manufacturer who meet all labeling requirements.

For more information related to growlers in California, visit here.


How long will the beer remain fresh?

When refrigerated, your sealed growler’s beer has a shelf life of 2-3 weeks. The CO2 shots during the filling process provides the prolonged freshness of growler-filled beer. Keep your filled growler refrigerated for maximum freshness.

How much does it cost?

Filling Cost
: Prices to fill 64 oz. growlers varies by which beer you select to purchase. Prices and selection appear on the “What’s On Tap” board located at the BevMo! Growler Station, or simply call or ask a BevMo! store associate for prices and details.

Bottle Cost
: Empty growler bottles at BevMo! are available for $4.99 each.

: Applicable taxes apply to both beer fillings and bottle purchases.

Am I required to pay a deposit on BevMo! growler bottles?

No, as the 64 oz. growler bottle you purchase at BevMo! is yours to keep. Unlike kegs, there are no deposits associated with growlers.

Can I preorder my growler to be filled and ready for pick-up?

Unfortunately, state law requires that growlers may only be filled at the time of purchase.

Will BevMo! wash my previously-used growler bottle?

Unfortunately, customers are required to clean and dry their previously-used growler jugs in advance of being filled, to avoid bacteria and unhealthy conditions. BevMo! will not fill dirty or wet growlers.

Growler Cleaning and Care

Immediately flush and wash empty growler with hot water. Use a bottle brush to remove any residue. Allow growler to air dry before sealing the cap.
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