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Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur (750 ML)

750 ML

Regular Price: $44.99

Special Price $39.99 CLUBBEV!

An infusion of the world's finest raspberries & blackberries, exotic flavors of black raspberries, black currant, Madagascar vanilla & XO cognac create a unique taste for an extraordinary cocktail. This item is available for Gift Wrap when Shipping to CA, AZ or WA.

750 ML
Private Label:
Guest User Review(s)
2 days ago
Great aperitif or added to mixed drinks
Very sweet, black raspberry flavor strong, will come through when added to a margarita in place of a citrus liqueur
Guest User Review(s)
1 week ago
Gorgeous and great liquer
This is one of my favorites. It goes well in Champagne. It also can work on ice cream. This is my favorite in a Kir Royal. The rich raseberry flavor makes it delicious.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
Vanilla Ice Creams best friend
OMG this Liqueur is the best I have been putting in over vanilla Ice Cream for about 5 years now I bought a gift pack at another place that came with a bottle of Chambord and Two really nice ice cream bowls that say Chambord on them and there decorated just like the bottle. If you want a great treat over ice cream you have to try this over it. I love it and I cant eat vanilla ice cream now with out it on there.
Logan F.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
Best Flavored Liqueur on the Market!!!
Outstanding! Incredibly smooth, luscious raspberry flavor. Great neat, at room temperature or ice cold. Perfect for an incredible array of cocktails!
Barbara G.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
Chambord is definitely my new favorite liqueur.
Amazing. The bottle is absolutely beautiful but it's the aroma, and then the luscious taste, that really seals the deal. At least, until one tastes it. It's really delicious -- to sip, to smell and to look at. Chambord is definitely my new favorite liqueur.
Laura G.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
Chambord Makes the Best Cranberry Sauce!
Chambord is really delicious! It's also an inspiration while cooking. I buy it specifically during Thanksgiving to make the most amazing fresh Cranberry sauce of your life. It's also wonderful in cocktails!
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