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Wild Turkey 101 Proof (750 ML)

750 ML

Regular Price: $30.99

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Aged in oak barrels for a full-bodied, smooth & mellow taste that is known over the world. This item is available for Gift Wrap when Shipping to CA, AZ or WA.

Wild Turkey
750 ML
Private Label:
Joe S
7 Review(s)
10 months ago
Great for the Price
This obviously isn't a high-end bourbon. But for the price, it is fantastic. The 101 proof adds a noticeable kick and spice to the flavor.
5 Review(s)
2 years ago
Wonderful and absolutely delicious.
For me personally the oak is a little too flavour forward. I don't think it is very complex, and to me is very reminiscent of Early Times, which I drink a lot of. The difference being the Wild Turkey has a syrupy quality that blends everything into a wonderful homogeneous flavour that is a step beyond the rest.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
Can't go wrong
This was our bourbon of choice when I was in the Marines.
Ranada D.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
I just got this bourbon the other day, and I am very much aware how popular this bourbon is. Jimmy Russell, a master distiller, established the recipe in 1885 prior to the American civil war, and since then, the company gained a reputation for being one of the best distillers in Kentucky. The nose of this bourbon is quite heavy (with alcohol), but let it settle down for a few seconds, and you will notice: vanilla cakes, loads of rich caramel, toasted oak, leather, and spicy cinnamon. Add few drops of water before you take your first sip, then you will discover hints of tan leather dipped in oil, complemented by other recognizable nuances such as: layers of abundant rye, and raisins; heavy accents of decadent vanilla ice cream; loads of toasted creamy white oak with banana undertones; scattered orange peels; crispy roasted walnuts, and deliciously sweet butter pecan; hints of spicy cinnamon and nutmeg, complemented by nuances of crushed peppercorn; and loads of sweet freshly baked southern corn bread will intrigue your palate. It finally ends with a medium dry finish, with sweet corn accents that lingers in your palate for quite sometime. Wild Turkey 101 has a distinct complexity to it that gives you ample room for further exploration.
Alexander A.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
100% classic.
Nothing beats WT 101 if you include the price into the equation. Setting the price apart I believe it's a darn good whiskey. It is dry, it's tough, it is leathery, it's woody, it's magnificent, it's the ultimate dry american whiskey, a bridge to the original rye spirits.
Nickolas R.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
Bold + Spicy = Delicious!
WT101 is absolutely my favorite bourbon under $20. True, there are other bourbons out there that are better, but for the price, you can't go wrong. It has strong notes of leather and vanilla, with a bit of a peppery bite. I feel like the extra alcohol changes the mouth feel enough to differentiate it from "standard" bourbons, and it's definitely a characteristic I like. I can't recommend this bourbon if you are not into "bold" bourbons, but in my opinion, bolder is better.
Guest User Review(s)
3 years ago
Pleasing and affordable
WOW ...... Tried this Amazing Bourbon recently. 3 small ice cubes in the whiskey glass with WT and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then enjoy. I read this in a Bourbon book. The author said to Never drink any Whiskey over 80 proof without adding ice or water cause it be bad for your innards. Now my Favorite Bourbon. Give it a try.... you won't be sorry.
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