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Ultimat Vodka (750 ML)

$34.99 ClubBev!

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90 Points Wine Enthusiast. A wonderful blend of the finest Polish potato, wheat, and rye vodka. It is rich in body, smooth, and complex.


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Product Information

Company : Ultimat
Type : Vodka
Country : Poland

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Reviews for Ultimat Vodka (750 ML)

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Michael A.  |   Oceanside, NY  |   12/18/2014
So Smooth that it is Weak
Like the other reviewers, I agree that this vodka is smooth and has a clean nose (not as clean as other premium vodkas like Purity or XO, but very clean). The problem is that the vodka is too smooth. There are three qualities to a good vodka. The first two should equate it to water (in fact the word vodka was taken from the Russian word for water - voda). That being said, the three qualities are: 1. Clear in appearance (like water), no discernable taste (like water), and just the right amount of burn in the back of your throat (unlike water). This vodka meets quality #1, partially meets quality #2 (partially because you do get a flavor on the finish), but it does not come close to meeting quality #3 - it is too smooth, almost as if it has been watered down. Therefore, it does not cut it for those of us who know vodka and drink it straight. It doesn't cut it as a mixer either, because it is so smooth that the burn doesn't come through across the dilution and flavor of whatever you are mixing it with. Sorry, but to anyone that knows vodka, Ultimat is an epic fail. One further note, the mix is from grains and potatoes, but this is supposed to be a premium vodka. Potatoes are what was used when there was a famine or for people who couldn't afford the grains to ferment their vodka. It equates to a cheap vodka and should be priced accordingly (not as a premium spirit) even if it is half diluted with grain. Here are some good options: Purity Vodka (perfect in every respect), XO vodka (a good second to purity), Belvedere (a true premium vodka from Poland), Kettle One (a good pot distilled vodka for mixing). If you prefer potato vodka, then there is only one pure potato vodka that does not reek of potatoes and comes close in quality to the three mentioned above. That would be Titan Glaicer, an amazing potato vodka distilled across four stainless steel columns and made right here in the USA (Idaho).
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JOHN T.  |   NEVADA CITY, CA  |   5/28/2013

I tried Ultimat because it was on sale when I was visiting Carmel, CA.  I should have bought a case and not just one bottle!!  It's so smooth that it's like sipping nothing at all, no bite, no bitterness, just smoothness and purity!  Plus the bottles are so nice that they make great vases..............when you're all done that is!  5 stars+!
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Jackie R.  |   Burbank, CA  |   4/24/2013

Very smooth, love it!!
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S H.  |   Huntington Beach, CA  |   11/14/2012

The BEST Vodka out there, by far!
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Ultimat Vodka (750 ML) 
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