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Asahi Super Dry (1 LTR CAN)

$3.99 ClubBev! +crv

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Asahi Super Dry has gained world wide popularity and is now the world's 3rd best selling brand; pleasantly hoppy with no 'bite', yet crisp and tasty; yes, it goes well with Japanese cuisine!


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Product Information

Company : Asahi
Website : Asahi
Type : Imported Beers
Country : Japan

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Reviews for Asahi Super Dry (1 LTR CAN)

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SHAUN L.  |   San Diego, CA  |   3/10/2014
Check the Label, BevMo! sells the real deal.
I was surprised when I found this beer in BevMo!, sure you can buy Asahi "Super Dry" in other places, but BevMo! sells the real Asahi Super Dry brewed in Japan.  Most of the Asahi Super Dry you will find around is actually Molson Coors beer brewed in Canada.  When buying "Imported", always check the label. Price wise it is more expensive than what you'll find Coors passing off as Super Dry in most stores, but the taste is completely different and worth the price.  Asahi uses completely specialized processes when producing their beer (some techniques which American companies would call "Green" and "Organic" but in Japan are standard business practices) Simply put, if it says, "Brewed in Japan" you'll have a Dry taste, like the name says, while if it says, "Brewed in Canada" you'll have a generic beer taste you can get from any Macrobrewery.
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Rex M.  |   Temecula, CA  |   7/2/2013
Japans best beer for sure....
I lived in Japan for just 2 years and I will agree with Linda about the price....   AMAZING...
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Linda H.  |   San Tan Valley, AZ  |   11/15/2011
Treat yourself to a taste of Japan's best beer!
I lived in Japan for 13 years and Asahi was my favorite beer. They sell it in vending machines for 1000 yen...that's $10!!! So, I'd say the BevMo price is awesome! This is just a really good tasting beer...goes well with Gyoza or all is just wonderful!
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Asahi Super Dry (1 LTR CAN) 
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