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Beer Guide - BevMo!
Glasses of beer.

Beer 101:
American Ale to

With over 10,000 brands of beer in the world, finding the right ones can be overwhelming! At BevMo!, we know beer. We’ll help you find the perfect beer for your personal taste and help you choose the best assortment to make your next party a huge success!

Use the following chart to simplify your beer selection.

Photo of a beer keg

Keg Basics

From small to large and in between, we have a keg to suit any crowd.
Use our handy guide to determine what size will work best for your event.

Diagram of keg sizes

Ordering a Keg for Pick-up

BevMo! has over 100 craft, domestic and imported beer kegs to choose from. Reserve yours today and we’ll have it ready for your party. Kegs must be pre-ordered for pick up at your local store and will typically be available in 4 days*. Shop for kegs

How to Pour Keg Beer

Once you have tapped and allowed the keg to settle, give the tap a few pumps and start by filling a pitcher for the initial pour. The first few beers will be very foamy and you might as well let them sit for a little while. When filling pitchers, you can pull the faucet forward until it locks so that you don’t have to hold it down the whole time.

Never pump the keg before at least a test pour. You want to get a medium pour that you let flow down the side of your cup. Push the faucet all the way down and get a full flow to eliminate unnecessary foam.

Don’t Forget:
Tap Tub Ice Cups

Tips for Tapping

After bringing the keg home, quickly let it settle for two hours. You want to ice it during this time making sure that the ice covers the outer circumference of the keg. A tapped keg should stay fresh for about 24 hours.

*BevMo! always has fresh kegs in stock. However, note that some specialty craft brews and imported beers may require a longer lead time. Please contact your local store for availability.


Growlers are freshly-poured 64 oz. bottles that BevMo! offers in our AZ and WA stores* for purchase. A long-time favorite of beer connoisseurs, the growler is becoming more and more popular due to its convenient size and just-tapped taste. View more

*Unfortunately, this size is not yet available in CA stores due to state regulations.

Everything You Need to Know About Beer
Description Types Examples Common Brands Tasting Glass Type
Brewed from malted barley using warm-fermentation (65–75°F) with top-fermenting yeast. The yeast gives the ale a full bodied sweet, fruity taste. The addition of hops imparts a bitter flavor that balances the sweetness of the malt.
Barleywine Higher alcohol similar to Old Ale Smithwick’s, Anchor Old Foghorn Barleywine Ale Strong, Amber, Hoppy, Bitter
Belgian Ale Abbey, Amber, Blond, Dubbel, Flemish Red, Quadrupel, Trappist, Tripel Chimay, Affligem,Duvel, Hoegaarden Sour, Fruity, Floral, Herbal, Light
Brown Ale Dark amber or brown color beer originated in London Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale, Newcastle Brown Ale Sweet, Nutty, Caramel, Chocolate, Low alcohol
Dark Ale Stout, Chocolate, Coffee, Dry Stout, Imperial, Milk, Oatmeal, Oyster Guinness, Murphy’s Roasted Coffee Oats/Sweetness Bitter
  • Imperial Pint
Porter Molasses, Honey, Coffee, Burnt Malt
Kolsch Brewed only in Cologne, Germany Calicraft Cali Colsch Bright straw-yellow hue, Less bitter than standard lager Long, thin cylindrical glasses known as a Stange (pole)
Mild Low-gravity beer with less alcohol, similar to Dark Ale
Light-bodied, Malty, Subdued Hop
Pale Ale Altbier, American, English Bitter, IPA, Saison, Scotch Ale Sierra Nevada, Anchor Steam Pale malt, Bitter
Wheat Beer Berliner, Weisse, Dunkel, Wheat, Hefeweizen, Weizenbock, White Beer
Coriander, Orange, Hops, Cloudy Appearance Wheat Beer glass, very tall and thin
Old Ale Dark, malty beers brewed in England (known as Stock Ale) Morland Hen’s Tooth Old Ale, Old Speckled Hen Dark, Malty
Brewed using lower temperature fermentation than Ales, (46–55°F) with bottom fermenting yeast that does not float to the surface before settling. Pale lager is the most commercially available and widely-consumed style of beer in the world.
Bock Doppelbock, Eisbock, Maibock, Weizenbock Gordon Biersch Blonde Bock, Shiner Bock, Michelob Amber Bock Sweet, Strong, Malty, Toasty
  • Mug
  • German Pint
Dunkel Lager
Hoffbrau Dunkel, Negra Modelo Distinctive Dark Color, Malty Flavor, Low Bitterness
Märzen Märzenbier, Wiener Märzen, Festbier, Oktoberfestbier Oktoberfest Specials Medium to Full Body, Malty Flavor, Clean, Dry Finish, Typically served at Oktoberfest
  • Dimpled Mug
  • Beer Stein
  • German Pint
Pale Lager Dortmunder, Dry Lager, Helles, Pilsner, Spezial Spaten Lager,Pilsner Urquell,Asahi,Budweiser,Stella Artois
Monchshof Schwarzbier
  • Mug
  • German Pint
Vienna (Dark) Lager
Primator Premium Dark Lager Reddish-Brown, Copper-Colored, Medium Body, Malt Sweetness
Kellerbier Often called “Cellar beer” because of its cool fermentation


Stress-free assistance! We’ll help you decide which beverages to select and calculate how much you’ll need for any size event or get-together.

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